The practice has a very strong commitment to providing every client with a top quality service with particular emphasis on practical design, timeliness and cost effectiveness. We are good listeners and try to respond faithfully to client wishes and know the value that good relations with the design team, construction team and client can bring to each project.

Over the years, particularly in the health care sector, many innovative design features have been developed as a direct response to feedback from users in previous projects. Together with regular discussions with Registration and Inspection unit personnel this has helped to build up a wealth of experience and technical skills relating to client needs.

Our consultations with a wide range of statutory and technical bodies such as planning, registration and inspection, building control, fire authority, Department of Health, environmental health etc. throughout the UK have helped to place us in a position of considerable expertise in negotiating on our clients' behalf with a view to successful outcomes in sometimes difficult circumstances. Equally, we work with a variety of consultants who can provide specialist services when the need arises, such as for planning appeals.

Our Commitment

Our in-house team has fully utilised the potential of Computer Aided Design and Drafting coupled with other areas of Information Technology to significantly reduce the time factor in production of drawings and documentation for the various stages of a scheme. Perspectives are produced when necessary to either assist in the design process or as a presentational aid for clients, planning or as a construction tool for site staff.

Our Performance